Mike Benton’s PhD students

Current PhD students

  1. Qiling Liu: The rise of Sauropterygia (Chinese Scholarship Council)
  2. Isaura Aguilar-Pedrayes: Feeding efficiency in ornithischian evolution (Self)
  3. Gengyu Fang: Mechanisms of hyperossification in fishes (Chinese Scholarship Council)
  4. Damiano Landi: On the re-emergence of beaks (Self).
  5. Yizhou Huang: Recovery of life in the Triassic – biomarker evidence (Chinese Scholarship Council).
  6. Judyth Sassoon: Typology, fossil phenomenology and epistemology of ancient organisms (Self; University of Exeter, Philosophy).
  7. Vicky Coules: Imaging dinosaurs through the years (Self; Joint student with History of Art).

PhD Students Graduated

  1. Dr Joseph Flannery-Sutherland (2020-4): The Carnian Pluvial episode (NERC GW4+). NERC PDRA, University of Birmingham (2024-).
  2. Dr Zichuan Qin (2019-24): Phylogeny and function of alvarezsaurian theropods (Chinese Scholarship Council). NERC PDRA, University of Birmingham (2024-).
  3. Dr Sophie Chambi-Trowell (2019-24): Feeding and niche partitioning in Triassic-Jurassic sphenodontians (Tratman Fund). Pharmacology studewnt (2024-).
  4. Dr Antonio Ballel Mayoral (2018-22): Anatomy and function of the basal sauropodomorph dinosaur Thecodontosaurus antiquus (NERC DTP). Templeton Fund PDRA, cranial function in lizards and archosaurs (2023-).
  5. Dr Ana de Almeida Serra Jorge da Silva (2018-22): Building large phylogenies: the amphibian tree of life (joint with Natural History Museum, London). PDRA, Early metazoan divergences (2023-).
  6. Dr James Logan King (2017-21): Brain and braincase evolution in dinosaurs (Self). Postdoc, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology, Beijing, China (2023-).
  7. Dr Susana Gutarra Diaz (2017-21): Evolutionary innovations and convergence in Mesozoic marine reptiles: locomotory adaptations to ocean ecosystems (NERC DTP). PDRA, Natural History Museum, London. Administrator, University of Bristol (2023-).
  8. Dr Suresh Singh (2017-21): Ecological modelling and macroevolution of dinosaurs (University of Bristol). PDRA, Innovation (ERC), University of Bristol.
  9. Dr Claire Bullar (2017-21): Braincase anatomy, phylogeny, and the success of Ceratopsia (Self).
  10. Dr Steven Zhang (2016-20): Phylogeny, climate and diet in Neogene elephants (Self). Research Fellow, University of Helsinki, Finland.
  11. Dr Richard Kelly (2015-9): Changes in the British insect fauna across the end Triassic mass extinction event (NERC CASE with National Museum of Scotland). Scientific editing.
  12. Dr Armin Elsler (2015-9): Early tetrapod evolution: Red Queen or Court Jester (University of Bristol, NERC DTP). NERC PDRA (Permian-Triassic mass extinction and recovery), University of Bristol.
  13. Dr Jorge Herrera Flores (2014-8): Macroevolution of Lepidosauria (Conicyt, Mexico). Research Fellow, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Conicyt, Mexico).
  14. Dr Max Stockdale (2014-8): Macroevolution of crocodylomorphs (NERC DTP). Lecturer, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol (2019-).
  15. Dr Fiona Walker (2013-7): The rock and fossil records of the British Cretaceous (NERC CASE with BGS). Scientific civil service, Bristol.
  16. Dr Naomi-Eva Apostolaki (2013-7): The evolution of pneumaticity in Sauropodomorpha and its correlation to body size (Self). English language teacher, Athens.
  17. Dr Massimo Bernardi (2012-7): Integration of ichnological data with the body fossil record: Vertebrate palaeontology and palaeoichnology of the Permian-Triassic of the Dolomites and nearby ares, Italian Alps (Promotion of Educational Policies, University and Research Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol). Curator, Museo delle Scienze, MUSE, Trento, Italy (2012-).
  18. Dr Mark Puttick (2012-6): Phylogenetic approaches to determining selectivity during mass extinctions and recoveries (NERC-Chengdu CASE). NERC PDRA, Bristol (2016-8). Exhibition of 1851 Fellow, University of Bath (2018-20). Scientific civil service.
  19. Dr Chris Rogers (2012-6): Taphonomy and sedimentology of the Jehol sites of exceptional preservation in China (NERC PGRA). ERC PDRA, Cork (2016-20). Technical Research Support Officer, University of Cork (2020-).
  20. Dr Bruno Pereira (2011-6): Echinoderms of Portugal (FCT Portugal). Assistant Curator, Lourinha Museum, Portugal (2016-).
  21. Dr Benjamin Moon (2011-5): The Late Jurassic ichthyosaurs and ichthyosaur evolution (Self). Leverhulme PDRA, Bristol, Exceptional fossils of Strawberry Bank (2016-18). NERC PDRA, Permian-Triassic mass extinction and recovery (2019-2021). Scientific civil service.
  22. Dr Martín Chávez Hoffmeister (2011-5): Penguin evolution (CONICYT; Benton/ Ksepka). Postdoc, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia.
  23. Dr Tom Stubbs (2011-5): Evolution of reptiles in Mesozoic marine ecosystems (NERC). NERC PDRA, Bristol (2015-8). ERC PDRA, Innovation (2018-23). Lecturer, Open University, UK (2024-).
  24. Dr Rachel Warnock (2010-4): Integrating molecular and paleontological approaches to telling evolutionary time (NERC; Donoghue/ Benton). Postdoc., Smithsonian Institution, Washington (2014-6); ETH, Zurich (2016-21). Professor, Friedrich-​Alexander University Erlangen-​Nürnberg, Germany (2021-).
  25. Dr Alex Dunhill (2009-12): Sampling and knowledge of the British Triassic and Jurassic fossil records (NERC). Exhibition of 1851 Fellow, University of Bath. Lecturer, University of Leeds (2016-).
  26. Dr Zhao Qi (2009-12): Ceratopsian dinosaurs and the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution (DIUS/ Chinese Academy; Benton). Associate Professor, IVPP, Beijing (2013-).
  27. Dr Sarda Sahney (2005-12): Evolution of tetrapod ecosystems (Self-funded). Web designer.
  28. Dr Marco Brandalise de Andrade (2006-10): Phylogenetic analysis of ‘mesosuchians’ from Gondwana (CNPq). Professor, PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2014-).
  29. Dr Manabu Sakamoto (2007-10): Jaw mechanics in theropod dinosaurs (Self). BBSRC Postdoc., University of Bristol. NERC Postdoc, Reading (2014-9). Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln (2019-24).Senior Lecturer, University of Reading (2024-).
  30. Dr Bárbara Sánchez-Hernández (2007-10): The Upper Jurassic-Early Cretaceous dinosaurs and other vertebrates from the Galve and Cameros basins, NE Spain (Self). Science engagement counselor, Burgos, Spain.
  31. Dr Nic Minter (2003-8): Tracks from the Robledo Formation, Texas (NERC). Postdoc., Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol. Senior Reader, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth (2012-).
  32. Dr Graeme Lloyd (2004-8): Acquisition of characters through time (NERC). Postdoc., University of Oxford (NERC). Lecturer, University of Leeds (2016-23). Scientific civil service.
  33. Dr Sandra Jasinoski (2004-8): Biomechanics of dicynodont feeding (ORS). Postdoc, University of Cape Town; Postdoc, University of Witwatersrand (2016-).
  34. Dr Laura Säilä (2004-8): Procolophonid phylogeny (Usk Huttunen). Postdoc., University of Helsinki, Finland (2008-20). Research Coordinator, Departments of Geoscience and Geography, University of Helsinki (2020-).
  35. Dr Stephanie Pierce (2003-7): Thalattosuchian phylogeny (ORS). Postdoc., University of Cambridge. Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology, Harvard University (2016-).
  36. Dr Ian Corfe (2002-7): Character weighting (NERC-CASE with NHM). Postdoc, University of Helsinki. Geologist, Geological Survey of Finland (2020-).
  37. Dr Nicole Davies (2003-7): Biomechanics of sauropodomorph dinosaurs (Self). Teacher, Pfaffenhofen, Germany.
  38. Dr Keith de Blanger (2001-6): The Effect of the Permian mass extinction on hybodont sharks (University and self funding). Editor, Elsevier, Oxford.
  39. Dr David Hone (2002-5): Phylogeny of basal diapsids (Self). Postdoc, IVPP, Beijing (CAS). Lecturer, Queen Mary College, London (2010-).
  40. Dr Karen Moreno (2002-5): Dinosaurian tracks in South America (ORS). Postdocs, Australia, Paris. Lecturer in Palaeontology, Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia (2012-).
  41. Dr Pam Gill (2000-5): Kuehneotherium and the relationships of Mesozoic mammals (Self). Postdoc, Bristol (NERC).
  42. Dr Simon Harris (2000-4): The use of characters in systematics (NERC-CASE with NHM). BBSRC PDRA, Newcastle (2005-8). BBSRC PDRA, Sanger institute (2008-10). Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute, Cambridge (2010-).
  43. Dr Eduardo Llinas-Agrasar (2000-4): Tertiary crocodilians and turtles from Libya (Self). Biologist, Padró, Spain.
  44. Dr Abby Lane (1999-2002): The Palaeozoic ‘plateau’: real or artefact? (NERC). Data Analyst, Environment Agency (2003-).
  45. Dr Debbie Wharton (1997-2002): Diapsid braincase evolution (NERC). Teacher, Exeter (2003-).
  46. Professor Davide Pisani (1999-2001): Systematics of the lower tetrapods: Comparison of complete phylogenies from morphological and molecular data (Self). PDRA, University of Pennsylvania (2001-3), University of Maynoooth Marie Curie postdoc (2004-6); Lecturer, University of Maynooth (2006-12); Reader, University of Bristol (2012-6); Professor, University of Bristol (2016-).
  47. Dr Emmanuel Fara (1998-2001): The fossil record of tetrapods in the past 100 million years (University of Bristol Scholarship). Temporary Researcher, Université de Montpellier (2001-3). CNRS Postdoc., Université de Poitiers (2003-5); Maître de Conférences, Université de Dijon (2005-18); Professeur de Paléontologie, Université de Dijon (2018-).
  48. Dr Max Langer (1998-2001): Saturnalia tunpinquim and the early evolution of dinosaurs (ORS). Associate Professor, University of São Paolo (2001-).
  49. Dr Marco Signore (1997-2001): Palaeobiology of the dromaeosaurid dinosaurs (EC TMR Fellowship). Junior Lecturer, University of Benevento, Italy (2001-).
  50. Dr Kenny Monsch (1996-2000): Phylogeny of the scombroid fishes (Self). Associate Professor, University of Wroclaw, Poland (2000-6); Research Associate, Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands (2016-).
  51. Dr Gareth Dyke (1997-2000): Early avian phylogeny (NERC). Postdoc., Dept. of Ornithology, American Museum of Natural History, New York (2000-2). Lecturer, University College Dublin (2002-11), University of Southampton (2011-6), University of Debrecen, Hungary (2015-).
  52. Dr Rebecca Hitchin (1995-2000): Diversification of fishes and the quality of the fossil record (Leverhulme PGRA). Analyst, Evaluate Energy, London (2000-).
  53. Dr M. Simone Klutzny (1996-2000): Phylogenetic use of developmental anatomy of the ala temporalis in mammals (EEC TMR Fellowship). Faculty STEM Science Curriculum Specialist, Mesalands College, Tucumcari, Arizona.
  54. Dr Giles A. Smith (1995-9): The Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary (Self and Tratman Scholarship). National Manager, Conveyancing and Legal Services at GlobalX Information, Sydney, Australia.
  55. Dr Oliver Rauhut (1996-2000): Theropod phylogeny (EEC TMR Fellowship). DAAD Postdoc., Trelew Museum, Argentina (2000-2); Postdoc., Humboldt Museum, Berlin (2002-4); Curator, Bayerisches Staatssammlung, Munich (2004-).
  56. Dr Donald J. Henderson (1995-9): Biomechanics of theropod dinosaurs (Self). NSERC Postdoc., Johns Hopkins University (1999-2001), University of Calgary (2001-6), Curator of Dinosaurs, Tyrrell Royal Museum, Drumheller (2006-).
  57. Dr Danny Grange (1993-8): Biomechanics and evolution of the fully marine Jurassic crocodilians (NERC). Management training.
  58. Dr Axel Hungerbühler (1993-8): The phylogeny of the phytosaurs (EEC HCM Fellowship). DAAD and NSERC Postdoc., University of Toronto (1999-2001), University of California, Berkeley (2001), Texas Tech University (2002-3); Associate Professor, Mesalands Community College, Tucumcari, Arizona (2003-).
  59. Dr Michael J. King (1991-8): Middle Triassic footprints, taxonomy, stratigraphy, and mode of formation (NERC). Part-time lecturer, Stroud College of HE.; teacher, Helsinki, Finland.
  60. Dr Clive Trueman (1993-7): Taphonomy of British Triassic and Jurassic marine reptile sites (Tratman Scholarship). Tutor, MSc Palaeobiology, Univ. Bristol (1997-2000); Postdoc, Smithsonian Institution, Washington (2000-2); Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth (2002-6); Associate Professor in Marine Ecology, University of Southampton (2006-).
  61. Dr Jo Wright (1992-6): Locomotion in limbed animals: biomechanics and trackways (Univ. Bristol Scholarship). Researcher, BBC Science Unit (1997-8); Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver (1998-2009); Teaching Fellow in Environmental Science and Geology, Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment, Keele University (2010-6); Lecturer in Physical Geography and Environmental Science, University of Northampton (2016-).
  62. Dr Paul G. Davis (1990-5): The taphonomy of birds (NERC). Editor, Institute of Physics (1995-6); Postdoc., National Science Museum, Tokyo (1996-7); Geological Curator, Surrey County Council (1997-9); Curator of fossil plants (2000-4); Chief Registrar, Natural History Museum, London (2004-).
  63. Dr Sara J. Metcalf (1990-5): The Middle Jurassic tetrapods from Hornsleasow, Gloucestershire (Tratman Scholarship). Postdoc. RA, English Nature, Fossil fish sites of Britain, Bristol (1994-5); Curatorial Consultant, Gloucester City Museum (1995); Royal Society European Postdoc. Fellowship, Tübingen (1995-6); Manager, Cleethorpes Discovery Centre (1997-2001); Manager, Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park, Lincoln (2001-).
  64. Dr Cris T. Little (1991-5): The Pliensbachian-Toarcian extinction event (NERC). NERC Postdoc., Natural History Museum, London (1995-9); postdoc., University of California (1999-2000); Senior lecturer, University of Leeds (2000-).
  65. Dr Liz Cook (1991-5): Sedimentology and taphonomy of Wealden (Lower Cretaceous) bone accumulations (Self; Access). Postdoc., Dinosaur Society, NERC (1995-6). Geological Conservation Review, English Nature (1997-9); Library researcher, BBC Natural History Unit (1999-).
  66. Dr David J. Gower (1990-4): Morphology and relationships of the earliest archosaurs (NERC). NERC Postdoc., Bristol (1994, 1997-8); Royal Society European Postdoc. Fellowship, Tübingen (1994-6); Research Officer (1999-2004); Curator of Reptiles, Natural History Museum, London (2004-2013); Merit Researcher, NHM (2013-).
  67. Dr Makoto Manabe (1990-4): Convergence and innovations in aquatic adaptation in Ichthyosauria (ORS). Head of Vertebrate Palaeontology, National Science Museum, Tokyo (1994-).
  68. Dr Patrick S. Spencer (1989-94): The early interrelationships and morphology of Amniot (Self and NERC PGRA). PDRA, University of Toronto (1997-8), National Science Museum, Tokyo (1998-2001), University of Bath (2001-2).
  69. Dr Paddy J. Orr (1989-94): The palaeobiology of early Phanerozoic deep-marine ichnofaunas (Dept. of Education N.I.). Royal Society European Postdoc. Fellowship (Galway, 1994-5); Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Bristol (1995-6). Postdoc., NERC (1996-7); NERC Postdoc., University of Oxford (1997-8); Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway (1998-2003); Associate Professor, University College, Dublin (2003-).
  70. Dr Mark Wilkinson (1990-2): Consensus, compatibility and missing data in phylogenetic inference (SERC PGRA). Postdoc., Natural History Museum (1993). Lecturer, University of Glasgow (1993-4); Lecturer, University of Bristol (1995-8); Associate Keeper, Department of Zoology, Natural History Museum (1998-2003); Merit Researcher, Natural History Museum (1998-).
  71. Dr Andrew J. Newell (1988-92): Sedimentological controls on vertebrate taphonomy in Triassic fluvial environments (Dept. of Education N.I.). Consultant sedimentologist, Sir Alexander Gibb (1993-6); Senior Geologist, British Geological Survey, Oxford (1996-).
  72. Dr Jim O. Buckman (1988-92): Lower Carboniferous trace fossils from north-west Ireland (Dept. of Education N.I. Distinguished Studentship). Lecturer, University of Staffordshire (1992-4); lecturer, Paisley University (1994-5); NERC postdoc., University of Glasgow (1996-8); Manager, Environmental SEM facility, Heriot-Watt University (1998-).
  73. Professor W. Des Maxwell (1986-91): The pareiasaur Elginia from Elgin, north-east Scotland, and the late Permian extinction event (Dept. of Education N.I.). Postdoc., Montana State University (1991-4), Assistant Professor, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (1994-9); Associate Professor, University of the Pacific, California (1999-2021). Retired.
  74. Professor Patrick J. McKeever (1986-90): Studies on the sedimentology and palaeoecology of the Permian of Scotland (Dept. of Education N.I.). Postdoc., University of Manchester (1990-5); Geologist, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (1995-2012); Chief of Earth Sciences and Geohazard Risk Reduction (2012-8). Retired.