Bristol palaeobiologists write all the key textbooks in their subject area. These include the world best-sellers in introductory history of life, advanced palaeobiology, and vertebrate palaeobiology. We list all textbooks and academic books produced by the group in the past thirty years, but do not include other popular works such as kid’s dinosaur books.

2020 Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record, By Michael J. Benton and David A. T. Harper (Wiley, New York, 624 pp.)

2019 Cowen’s History of Life, edited by Michael J. Benton, and written by ten Bristol palaeobiologists (Wiley, New York, 400 pp.)

2019 The Dinosaurs Rediscovered: How a Scientific Revolution is Rewriting History by Michael J. Benton (Thames & Hudson, London and New York, 336 pp.).

2017 Ancient Vertebrate Zoology (Fourth edition), Chinese-language edition. (Wiley-China Scientific Press).


2015 Vertebrate Palaeontology (Fourth edition) by M. J. Benton (Wiley-Blackwell, 480 pp.).

2015 When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time (Second edition) by M.J. Benton (Thames & Hudson, 352 pp.).

2009 Introduction to paleobiology and the fossil record by M.J. Benton and D.A.T. Harper (Wiley, 608 pp.). Book resources here.

2008 A very short introduction to the history of life by M.J. Benton (Oxford University Press, 184 pp.).

2008 The seventy great mysteries of the natural world edited by M.J. Benton (Thames & Hudson, 304 pp.). Sample text here. The editor rambles on about the book here.

2005 Mesozoic and Tertiary fossil mammals and birds of Great Britain by M.J. Benton, L. Cook, D. Schreve, A. Currant, and J.J. Hooker (JNCC, 215 pp.).

2005 Vertebrate palaeontology (Third edition) by M.J. Benton (Wiley-Blackwell, 472 pp.).

2003 Telling the evolutionary time: Molecular clocks and the fossil record edited by P.J.C. Donoghue and M.P. Smith (CRC Press, 296 pp.).

2003 When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time by M.J. Benton (Thames & Hudson, 336 pp.). Replaced by the 2015 second edition, but in its day this edition attracted some attention.

2002 Permian and Triassic red beds and the Penarth Group of Great Britain by M.J. Benton, E. Cook, and P.J. Turner (JNCC, 337 pp.).

2001 Atlas of the evolving earth by R. Moody, A. Zhuravlev, D. Dixon, and I. Jenkins (Cassell, Barnes & Nobel, 368 pp.).

2001 Palaeobiology II , edited by D.E.G. Briggs and P. Crowther (Wiley-Blackwell, 600 pp.).

2000 The age of dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia , edited by M.J. Benton, D.M. Unwin, M.A. Shishkin, and E.N. Kurochkin (Cambridge University Press, 740 pp.).

2000 Walking with dinosaurs: fascinating facts by M.J. Benton (Dorling Kindersley, 192 pp.).

1999 Fossil fishes of Great Britain by D.L. Dineley and S.J. Metcalf (JNCC, 675 pp.).

1998 The fossils of the Hunsruck Slate by C. Bartels, D.E.G. Briggs, and G. Brassel (Cambridge University Press, 323 pp.).

1997 Basic palaeontology by M.J. Benton and D.A.T. Harper (Addison Wesley Longman, 342 pp.).

1997 Vertebrate palaeontology (Second edition) by M.J. Benton (Chapman & Hall, 452 pp.).

1996 The Penguin historical atlas of the dinosaurs by M.J. Benton (Penguin, 144 pp.).

1996 The Viking atlas of evolution by R. Osborne and M.J. Benton (Viking, 208 pp.).

1995 Fossil reptiles of Great Britain by M.J. Benton and P.S. Spencer (JNCC, 386 pp.).

1994 The fossils of the Burgess Shale by D.E.G. Briggs, D.H. Erwin, and F.J. Collier (Smithsonian Institution, 255 pp.).

1993 The fossil record 2 edited by M.J. Benton (Chapman & Hall; then Springer, 846 pp.).

1991 Taphonomy: releasing the data locked in the fossil record edited by P.A. Allison and D.E.G. Briggs (Plenum, 574 pp.).

1991 The rise of the mammals by M.J. Benton (Quarto, Crescent, 144 pp.).

1991 The reign of the reptiles by M.J. Benton (Quarto, Crescent, 144 pp.).

1990 On the trail of the dinosaurs by M.J. Benton (Quarto, Crescent, 144 pp.).

1990 Vertebrate palaeontology by M.J. Benton (Unwin Hyman, 377 pp.).

1990 Palaeobiology, a synthesis by D.E.G. Briggs and P.R. Crowther (Blackwell, 596 pp.).

1989 Evolution and the fossil record edited by K.C. Allen and D.E.G. Briggs (Belhaven, 265 pp.).

1988 The phylogeny and classification of the tetrapods, Volumes 1 and 2 edited by M.J. Benton (Oxford University Press, 377 + 329 pp.).